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Cold Press Machine

Our company offers fully automated Cold Press Machine units that are commonly used within edible oil production industries to extract oil from nuts, coconut, dry fruits, and other edible products. These machines are designed by our team of professional engineers using heavy-duty materials and high-performance hydraulic drives. There are many different variants of these industrial machines availed by our company within the capacity range of 100 to 150 Tons. These machines come with an inbuilt control panel making it easier for a single operator to operate these machines. Get these high-performance Cold Press Machine units as per your demands and supply a capacity of 30 units per month. 

Hydraulic cold press for wood sheet laminating

100 Ton Cold Press Machine is an industrial device used to apply pressure to materials without the use of heat. It is designed to shape and compress materials through the application of force. This machine typically consists of a hydraulic system, sturdy frame, and a press bed. The 100-ton specification indicates the maximum force or pressure that the machine can exert. 100 Ton Cold Press Machine is commonly used in different industries, such as metalworking, woodworking, and plastics. It is used for tasks such as bending, flattening, embossing, and forming materials. The absence of heat in the cold press process allows for accurate shaping and compression of materials.
Price: 595000 INR/Unit

150 Ton wood sheet laminating Cold Press Machine

  • Power Source:Electricity
  • Power:220-240 Volt (v)
  • Surface Treatment:Painted
  • Operating Type:Automatic
  • Warranty:Yes
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month
Price: 830000 INR/Unit

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